The project “WILHELM*INA – and who am I?” with young people from Germany and the Netherlands takes a historical event as a starting point for a joint project, which ends with theatrical presentations in both countries: In November 1918, the First World War is approaching. At the end, Europe is devastated. Kaiser Wilhelm II flees with his train. At the small Dutch border train station Eijsden he waits for his asylum. The Dutch Queen Wilhelmina finally lets him pass. The project “WILHELM*INA – and who am I?” stages independent presentations in Spandau and Huis Doorn (NL) and enriches the performance WILHEM*INA in the Ocean-Blue Train in Utrecht (NL) and Geestenseth.

The story of the retired Emperor is the occasion of a theater project in which young people from both countries and with different cultural backgrounds ask themselves questions from today’s perspective and their identity. They interview each other and other people and transform this material into theater scenes. Young refugees are part of the group of young participants from Germany and the Netherlands. Work is done in mixed groups.

Based on the texts, the young people develop theatrical scenes with the help of theater teachers and finally present them to the public in an authentic location, Huis Doorn and in the theater train.

The project “WILHELM * INA – and who am I?” is sponsored by Jonge Kunst (Fonds Soziokultur und Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie), LAG Soziokultur, Niedersächsische Staatskanzlei, LV Stade with funds from the state of Lower Saxony and LK Cuxhaven.

Photos: Julia Kawka, Pizzicù Piz

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