In July 2013, the train station of Geestenseth has been transformed into a youth theater camp. 14 young people from Germany and the Netherlands  worked on their own play in two weeks and on a potato field in Altluneberg. They have been accompanied by artists of the theaters Das Letzte Kleinod and PeerJonG / Groningen. Both theaters have been realizing site-specific productions for many years and are collaborating on cross-border performances for the first time.

The young people discover the field with all their senses and go in search of stories about the potato. They plant, plow and harvest on the field. They talk with farmers and people from the region about their experiences with the potato and exchange recipes. The young people cook, dance, make music together and play theater.

From their mutual experience, they develop a concept around the potato.The project is being held with the kind support of the Fonds Soziokultur and the Landschaftsverband Stade.