German-Dutch theatre project
Das Letzte Kleinod (GER) / PeerGrouP (NL)

Do you know that? Barbecuing, chilling, dining on a shaky camping stove, making new friends, family quarrels, sun, rain, sunburn, air mattresses with holes, tents and caravans. Where does it all come together … on a campsite!

Together with 24 young people from different countries we wanted to find out what happens on a campsite. From this we created a theater performance about and on a campsite.

Twenty young people from different countries camped, researched and acted for two weeks on a campsite in Norg (NL) and then in Wehdel am Silbersee (GER). They tried different forms of camping and discovered how little luxury you can get out there. They learned firsthand how thin a tent wall is and how closely people live together on a campsite. They came in contact with permanent campers and researched why usually only elderly people park with with their caravans on the fixed parking spaces. The young people searched the campsites for stories and opinions. The research resulted in a play that was performed several times on the campsites in Norg and Wehdel.