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Wanda travels around the world with a hand-cart and a donkey. She collects stories, spices and smells. Her journey brings her finally to Morocco where she meets a young boy named Karim. She performs a  special Christmas-story for him which changes his life. The story of “Wanda's wondrous travels elsewhere” is shown as a performance with actors, puppets, live music, dance and song.


Book and direction: Juliane Lenssen/ Actors: Meri Koivisto, Wiebke Steinhagen/ Production: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Technical staff: Elze van den Akker, Moritz Müller, Hendrik Borowski/ Stage and puppets: Elze van den Akker, Susanne Godt, Juliane Lenssen/ Costume: Tanja Künzel/ Assistance: Sabrina Meyer

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