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Der Untergang der Johanne (2009)

The foundering of the Johanne (2009)


Das Letzte Kleinod devised a performance about the foundering of the ship Johanne. In 1854 the historical sailing ship was on the way from Bremerhaven to America to bring emigrants from Germany to the New World when it was hit by a severe storm and ran aground near the island of Spiekeroog. The theatre piece was shown for the first time in May 2009 at the original location, the beach of Spiekeroog. Afterwards it went on to be performed on the beaches of Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven.

The performance was based on oral traditions and historical source material. All dialogues were spoken in the original historical dialects, the audience watched from a grand stand that was set up on the beach. The piece was performed in any kind of weather, blankets were made available on cold days. The premiere on Spiekeroog was a cooperation with the Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog and realized with friendly support of the Beluga Shipping GmbH.





Book and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Dramaturgy: Juliane Lenssen/ Actors: Markus Achatz, Ludmilla Euler, Patrick Hellenbrand, Nikolas Knauf, Wiebke Steinhagen, Bodil Strutz, Birgit Wieger/ Realization: Elze van den Akker/ Assistent director: Sabrina Meyer/ Costume: Tanja Künzel/ Technical staff: Hendrik Borowski, Frank Dohrmann, Dean Wright/ Office: Martina Krämer, Claudia Stollenwerk

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