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Documentary theatre about life on the sea.


I signed the contract and came on board on Monday. Sunday night I had to leave. I can’t describe it. Somehow, you’re not hungry, you don’t want anything. The only thing you want is to stay. And to spend the day together. You wish one minute to last for one month. If you know, you will be away for a long time. Is there anything you can do?


A contract of a seaman lasts for eight months, before he can go home in holidays for a couple of weeks. Author and director Jens-Erwin Siemssen travelled for several weeks with containerships, interviewing officers, ship’s engineers and people on board. Between Hamburg and Suez he heard stories about storms, work-related accidents, the worldwide competition, shorten lay days and loneliness out at sea.

The documentary play UM UNS HERUM NUR NICHTS, based on the interviews with the seamen, was performed summer 2014 in eight seaports along the North Sea coast.


Script and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen, dramaturgy: Karsten Barthold, music: Shaul Bustan

Cast: Andreas Heinrich Kerbs, Barry Emond, Christos Anastasopoulos, Dan Thy Nguyen


The project is realized in cooperation with die Deutsche Seemannsmission.

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