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Winter rain , cold pressing .
Port of Hamburg had a small freighter docked at Pier 53 , as by the impact of the container ship , almost desolate street . During the day , some visitors to visit the museum located in the port here (Hafenmuseum Hamburg); night , only the dark tower crane on the empty riverbank institutions to draw huge silhouette.
But recently , here on rusted freight rail suddenly began eight cars, the kind with the Chinese " green car " similar to the German blue leather vintage train . " Four Day is performing in front of the theater , the actors behind four sections , workers camping car ." Hamburg "Chinese Seafarers ' chairman Mr. Chen Mingjie peer is not the first to come here , but as an important creative material supply who , for all his fingertips.
Available until this point, the author is Clueless , I do not know how to start play tonight to look at this old carriages .
Into the first carriage , there are 20 some guests first , not the place packed full to the brim . Lamp strapped to the table , filled with nautical maps and logs, wall hung ship , crew photos. Are the same with a few curious spectators exchanges, all of a sudden , a young man came in from the door , and one seafarer uniforms, binoculars in hand , and fell out the window watching the twilight ......
Young spread the nautical maps, drawer and took out a ruler to measure , while the measurement and calculation , while the people , said: "Today is July 1, 1952 , the big waves at sea , a few days we will be docked at the Port of Hamburg ; from the next stop , we need some time ...... " At this point , we came to realize that this young man is suddenly broke into a role play of a German freighter " Captain . "
"Captain " sailor talk to everyone working hard, talking about life on board the lonely, bored , also talked about the new board to the Chinese laborers. "Over the years , in order to save costs, the shipowner from China to recruit a number of Chinese laborers , they are obedient submissive , hard work , low pay, so now there is a German ship from the Chinese laundryman ." "Oh , yes ! Chinese person's name is too difficult, so all Chinese laborers on board only one name called 'Max', no one knows their real names , but they are also very happy to be called 'Max', on both sides of the provincial thing ! "Then, captain took out a bag of dirty clothes , bring everyone into the next car .
Section compartments disorder to dry the sheets, clothes , arrayed laundry tub, ironing board , obviously this is a laundry room . A short, thin Chinese girl drilled out from behind the clothes , she deftly while ironing clothes with sailors , while said to himself incessantly : " working children work children day after day ! ! to work children ! ten several hours a day, keep the laundry, drying of clothes, ironing , steaming blisters , Shashi Hou is the head ah ! ...... "Meanwhile, she describes in detail a laundry and ironing skills.
On second thoughts , happy little girl up ! "In my hometown Taiwan , the sky is so blue, the water is so clear ! I talked to a person living in the countryside , we grow vegetables , farming, fields everywhere frogs , little children happily catch a frog ...... but whatever how tired, the day was so bitter ! "the little girl stopped homesick , they began working on ironing clothes never hot finish .
The third car , was cut into the crew accommodation room. A 'Max' Here irritable depressed, bored . He told us that the reason to leave their homes in order to earn more reward than home . But the perennial sea for boring lonely, so he almost crazy ! He sometimes scurrying in every room , sometimes alone pastime took Mahjong , sometimes loudly complaining ...... Of course , there are happy when the ship docked , he was careful to dress , put on a set of decent clothes , and then to the shore go shopping , enjoy the wonderful life .
Fourth compartment , is a Chinese restaurant . Chinese workers ashore , will come into the restaurant to reward yourself for Chinese stomach. Most of Germany 's first restaurant opened in the port , home to the Chinese laborers who can be found in this home taste. Interestingly, the audience still here tasting tomato egg soup , hot and sour potato silk, Pork and other authentic Chinese dishes. Finally, the Chinese sailors, waiters , chefs singing together , jointly issued their own desire: " ! Follower ship white boat , returned to Hong Kong at night and think ," Of course, here in Hong Kong is not specifically referring to Hong Kong , but refers to China Oriental .
"This is a ' record drama ' (Dokumentartheater), plays in the ' documentary ' in the form of performances to sort out some real history ." Director Jens - Owen
西姆森told reporters.
To a German director , why would one think of choreography reflects drama overseas laborers living ? Xi Musen Let's talk about the origin. "As a boy I lived in Bremerhaven and listen to people talk , the door at the end of the alley , there lived a retired Chinese sailors . Chinese people ? I have never seen , so he often went to the home garden outside peeping garden in good order , I had never seen that Chinese sailors my heart has been filled with curious : ? ? Chinese sailors how to work the Chinese people how to live - until recently I read about in the media ' Burger Chinese sailors home ' information , immediately rushed over to understand the situation and my curiosity finally got the answer , and I want to write a script, so that more Europeans to understand this history . "
Hamburg Chinese Seafarers now chairman Mr. Chen Mingjie , is already the third generation of Chinese immigrants . Chen 's grandfather , in the early 19th century they came to Germany as laborers on the freighter , after another attracted folks working together , creating a precedent for German Chinese seamen . Mr Chan said: From the beginning of 1891 , we continue to have to do laundress , cook and other services on the laborers to German freighter , a hundred years never stopped. Chinese seamen hard-working , gentle kindness, by shipowners who like it, so laborers can earn income from home several times . The 1950s and sixties the German freighter recruiting laborers most prosperous period , when more than 200 people at the same time the effectiveness of the various shipping companies ; hundred years is estimated that thousands of Chinese compatriots was a German freighter bit of work .
Directed by Chen Xi Musen detailing the situation and introduced him to Shanghai , Ningbo, Zhoushan and other places to visit retired Chinese seamen. I retired seamen , the descendants of the dead seamen , gave Ximu Sen tells the story of the year , so he wrote the screenplay organize accordingly , " Dreaming of Hong Kong " (HEIMWEH NACH HONGKONG), and soon recruited actors, rehearsals, performances .
"In order to ensure the best performance results, allowing only 25 per game spectators to watch , although there are many difficulties, but I not only completed his dreams, but also for others to dig up some little-known history, which makes sense ! " Xi Musen said.
Behind the curtain
In addition to the director , the captain is a German actor , the rest laundress , sailors, cooks, waiters and other roles are recruited from all over Europe, the Chinese actor. When I interviewed , the young girl played laundries Wanting Li was in the kitchen and face . She told reporters : room and board are in the car , and is somewhat hard ; But the greatest achievement is to understand some previously unknown to history, but also from an actor into a skilled " laundress " !
The troupe performed the play "last jewel " (Das letzte Kleinod) in Germany, Europe and even a well-known drama , is directed by Jens - Owen Xi Musen (Jens-Erwin Siemssen) was founded in 1991 . It is characterized , theater performances are not confined to the stage , but based on the content of the show in real repertoire . Currently, the theater 's performances not only in Germany, Europe and overseas visitors are often able to enjoy their distinctive performances. Because the show is performed in a real scenario, the actors and the audience up close, but also when there is interactive , so often an unexpected performance results can be achieved , but also for the audience impressed .
According to the director Xi Musen introduction, after Hamburg , " Dreaming of Hong Kong " will be in the northern German port city tour of each , Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Deinste, Bremerv Jian de, Worpswede can find to " laborers figure " Through play , go to understand that some small minority, hardships, but real history.

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