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Trapper-Joe und Weißer Hirsch (2011)

Trapper Joe is a gamekeeper and trapper in the Northern forests of Canada. One day, he sees a brown bear chasing a Native Canadian girl. Trapper Joe manages to save the girl, ‘Weißer Hirsch’ (White Stag) of the Blackfoot tribe, from the bear. ‘Weißer Hirsch’ spends the winter at Trapper Joe’s hut. Only after snow and melt water are gone from the footpath can she return to her tribe. “Trapper Joe und weißer Hirsch” told the fascinating story of an extraordinary friendship. The young audiences learned about the fascinating Blackfoot tribe and about life in the wilderness.


Book and direction: Juliane Lenssen/ Production: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Actors: Manuela Frauenrath, Florian Meyer/ Puppets: Susanne Godt, Uta Blaich/ Technical staff: Frank Dohrmann, Malte Möbius/ Assistance: Claudia Rippe/ Office: Claudia Stollenwerk

Fotos: Juliane Lenssen

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