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The most beautiful premiere gift ever!

Von Wiebke


The opening night was done and our after show party was over. We decided to go to Makka's for a little sit-in and a bite of Mattak. So we ordered taxis and waiting for their arrival we were standing outside Katuaq enjoying the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen. Not only was it perfectly shaped growing out of the horizon in the distance ending in front of the wonderful mountains of Nuuk. But also its colours were so clear and bright - I couldn't stop looking! The midnight sun was still up and the sky was soaked in a red. The peaks of the mountains rested their heads in a comfortable pillows of clouds and the water in the fiord was reflecting the beautiful landscape.


Drinking red wine on the terrace of Makka's home and realizing where we were. What a moment! What an incredible view! The atmosphere was unique! I will never forget this night in Nuuk!

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