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People smuggler brought them on trucks through the desert. On the Lebanese coast they came aboard of an overcrowded cutter, run aground in Sicily, and made their way until Germany, to apply for asylum. There they waited in central Admission Offices and finally got an accommodation in one refugee hostel on the countryside, on the edge of a village of 800 souls in Lower Saxony, together with 15 fellow countrymen.


In November 2014, the theatre Das Letzte Kleinod staged the documentary play NOVEMBER UND WAS WEITER about Refugee camps on the countryside. The theatre accompanied the refugees at their arrival in Germany, at the trips to the authorities and spoke with the neighbours.


The refugees got interviewed, asked about the experiences they made, their plans and hopes. In original spaces, they reconstruct the stations of their flight. A dented sea container, a pale tent of the UNHCR and a run-downed portkabin relieve memories. Actors put themselves in the position and undertake the storytelling. Together with the refugees they play the story of the long journey. In the accessible production, the spectator gets confronted with the trouble spots of the world, with Sudan, Afghanistan and Serbia.


Script and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen, dramaturgy: Karsten Barthold, music: Shaul Bustan


Cast: Ambra, Ilwad, Mirjana, Samanta, Sanela, Suzana, Abdallah, Abdu, Aziz, Ghulam, Jonny, Marjan, Mohieldein, Najib, Saber with Charlotte Engelbert, Petra Straussová and Noredin Taabni


To watch the video, please click here: Sudan, Afghanistan, Serbia.

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