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Muna Lübberstedt (2010)

Documentary theatre on former military terrain


In Lübberstedt, inconspicuous looking train tracks lead away from the main train station into the forest. Hidden behind a locked gate is a vast loading train station – the former ammunition camp Muna Lübberstedt. Here, starting in 1941, ammunition and sea mines were produced in bunkers and factories. During WWII concentration camp detainees were forced to work in the Muna. Later, until 2009, the Bundeswehr used the terrain. With this production the barbed wire fences were opened to the public for the first Time in seventy years.



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Book and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Dramaturgy: Juliane Lenssen/ Actors: Wiebke Acton, Claus Franke, Iga Jagodzinska, Ania Piórek, Bodil Strutz/ Assistant director: Sabrina Meyer, Melanie Pieper/ Technical staff: Moritz Müller, Frank Dohrmann, Thimo Kortmann, Manuel Ahten/ Office: Claudia Stollenwerk, Martina Krämer/ Other players: a-capella-chor „Kontrapunkt(e)”


Fotos: Jens-Erwin Siemssen / Melanie Pieper

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