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Langlütjen II (2006)

The fortress „Langluetjen II“ was built in the estuary of the Weser in 1880 for the defence against the Danish navy. There are numerous secrets and rumours about the artificial island. Das Letzte Kleinod devised a documentary theatre piece about the its past and performed it in the bunkers and in the fortress on the island. Audiences were brought to “Langluetjen II” by ship. It was the first time the general public had access to the site.

Book and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Production: Juliane Lenssen/ Actors: Åsa Odemark, Birgit Wieger, Claas Wuerfel, Jochen Stechmann, Yvonne van den Akker/ Technique: Erik Utpatel


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