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Henriette and the mystery of the sunken pyramid (2010)

Henriette is a young historian who travels to Egypt to explore the pyramids. She has a cat on her side which is clever and canny. Her name is Sphinx and she loves to speak in riddles or solve riddles. Together they decipher an old hieroglyphics inscription on a papyrus and thereupon discover the remains of a sunken pyramid. They climb into its labyrinth and finally reveal a unique treasure...

Book and direction: Juliane Lenssen/ Production: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Actors: Manuela Frauenrath, Bodil Strutz/ Puppets: Susanne Godt, Uta Blaich/ Technical staff: Frank Dohrmann, Manuel Ahten, Thimo Kortmann/ Assistance: Sabrina Meyer/ Office: Claudia Stollenwerk


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