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1913 the steamship GOETZEN was built in the shipyard of Papenburg (Germany) and send in separate pieces to the East-African Lake Tanganyika. Three shipbuilder from Lower-Saxony and one local worker assemble the ship together in Kigoma (Tanzania). The Theatre play tells about a grotesque construction project between poverty, malaria and superstition. The rehearsals took place in Kigoma, where the today’s LIEMBA still ships across the lake. 


Script and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen


Cast: Huruma Haule, Angela Kidwanga, Philipo Nandenga, Shaaban Juma Bakari, Hassani Ramadhani, Chiku Buruya, Samweli Mandoo, Petra Straussova and David Johnston


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