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Frau Taube und der Drache auf dem Dachboden (2009)

Franziska likes the big attic of her old block of flats. There, between clotheslines and old laundry baskets lives a strange woman called Frau Taube. She knows a lot of  stories, poems and ballads from the Middle Ages. Franziska is surprised by a mediaeval banquet and courtly dances and sees knights appearing between the piles of laundry. However, one day Frau Taube has disappeared. Franziska follows the strange traces and noises. Will she succeed to free Frau Taube from the cave of a dragon?


Book and direction: Juliane Lenssen/ Production: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Actors: Wiebke Acton, Bodil Strutz/ Stage and puppets: Susanne Godt, Uta Blaich/ Costume: Tanja Künzel/ Technical staff: Frank Dohrmann, Thimo Kortmann/ Assistance: Sabrina Meyer, Nike Sonnentheil/ Office: Claudia Stollenwerk

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