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The air-raid warning came at night. Hastily clothes were thrown on, the suitcase was already packed. Within short time the bunker must be reached. The buildings swing under the bomb strike. Children, women and old aged people waited patiently for hours. How did children perceive the war?


In Wilhelmshaven and Emden numerous bunkers remind on the time of the Second World War. There are still some people, that experienced in their childhood the nights with bombardments. The traumatic experiences of the contemporary witnesses were told in a documentary theatre play. The performance has the concept of a walk-through, that leads the audience through different rooms of the bunker.


Script and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen, dramaturgy: Peter Fliegel and Zindi Hausmann


Cast: Anna Rausch, Gonny Gaakeer, Gerrit Bernstein, Johanna Fülle.

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