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Tobias Wollschläger was born 1986 in Berlin. He completed his education 2006 till 2009 at the state renowned acting school Charlottenburg. He has been a freelance actor since 2009 and can also be heard as a speaker for radio plays. He has produced several of his own productions since 2011, in cooperation with diverse schools in Berlin (a.o. ´Die Leiden des jungen Werther´, ´Die Physiker´,...) and he has been working in theatre education on many levels. In 2014 Tobias received the research scholarship from Theater Wrede for the project ´Anders´.




Donia Sbika studied at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland and obtained a Bacherlor of Arts in Physical Theatre. She presents herself as a dancer, an actress, a singer, a clown but mainly as a physical actress. She won the Migros talentshow in 2015. Recently she performed in ´Die Welt der Einfältigen´ by choreographer Andrès Corchero and in ´Sacre Gottard´ by the German director Volker Hesse. She founded the company Dodo Cabegna in 2016 and has been touring Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Polen with their own production ´Silent Pact´. Next year Donia will be performing on several stages in Switzerland with the Zürcher Ensemble Theaterspagat.




Andreas Uehlein, born and raised in Mannheim. He received his actor training at the INSEL, at the badistic city theater of Karlsruhe. He obtained further training with John Costopoulus in Munich. Since 2000 he is living as a freelance actor in Berlin. Worked in diverse free productions at several places. Since 2004 he is part of the artist collective Mobtik. He can be seen in many video productions and short movies on international film festivals. Co-founded the theatregroup Göttliche Samen in 2006. Performances in public spaces with young actors and musicians.






Philipp Leinenbach moved to Berlin after completing his actor training in Hamburg, he has been living there since 2010. He is working with the improvisation theatre group ´Improvisionäre´ for three years, he acted in productions of the Neuköllner opera and he often gives workshops for kids and youngsters. He is also acting in free productions all over Germany, a.o. ´Der Kaufmann von Venedig´ by the Frankenfestspielen in Röttingen. He obtained the special prize of the jury for his monologue version of ´Clockwork Orange´ in 2014, which was performed as part of the Penguins Days at the Schlosstheater in Moers. 





Vanessa Thüring grew up in Italy and moved to Berlin at the age of ninetheen, where she received manifold impressions of the movement art szene and where she engaged with other realities, forms of life and cultures. In the spring of 2012, she started actor training at the Michael Tschechow Studio in Berlin. She developed a movement theatre piece with refugees from war backgrounds in 2016. She likes to be engaged in social and experimental projects which merge different representative artforms. She has been the founding member of the ´Physical Theatre Kompanie Wal´ since 2015 and performs with this company on theatre and dance festivals.




Manuel Jadue was born in the hanseatic city of Hamburg. He went to Leipzig to study at the school for music and theatre ´Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy´. Hereafter followed numberous engagements at many theatres in Germany, among others the city theatre of Bremerhaven, the Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord, the Dresdner Staatoperette, the Komödie Kassel, the Schleswig-Holsteinischen Landestheater and many more. Recently he could be seen at the Packhaustheater in Bremen in the solo-music-comedy-program. He also teaches and he performs chansons, lectures and cabaret.






Margarita Wiesner was born in Kasachstan and came to Germany at the age of nine. She obtained her actor certificate at the state school for music and theatre in Stuttgart, and she completed a trainee dance program at the Leipziger Tanztheater. She was nominated in 2011 by the ´Theater Heute´ as most promosing actress. Since two years she is working freelance and is always searching for exciting and relevant, sociopolitical projects. Margarita wishes that empathy, emotions, reactions and process of thought will continue to guide her audience.

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