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Eismitte (2004)

The center of the ice (2004)

The documentary performance Eismitte told the story of Alfred Wegener’s final Greenland expedition. It took place in a cold-storage house at -24°C. The last days of Wegener, based on his diary notes, were re-enacted in this setting of ice and snow. The spectators were given sleeping bags and hot water bottles to protect themselves against the icy cold temperatures.

Book and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen/ Actors: Birgit Wieger, Miyoko Urayama, Ioana Cristescu, Yvonne van den Akker, Daphne van Tongeren, Susan Gritzman/ Light: Holger Klede, Erik Utpatel/ Assistance: Maria Herles, Joanna Czlapska/ PR: Joerg Baufeld, Production: Juliane Lenssen

Photos: Jens-Erwin Siemssen

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