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Die Filchner-Barriere (2012)

Play about the second German Antarctic expedition - a coproduction with the theatre of Bremerhaven


On May 3rd, 1911 the ship "Deutschland" cleared the port in Bremerhaven - its destination was the Antarctic. Large parts of the world had been explored - only the icy wilderness of Antarctica was still widely unexplored. It was the second German attempt to reach that southernmost point of the earth.


The polar researcher Wilhelm Filchner wanted to find a sea route through the ice of the sixth continent. But the attempt failed, the motor glider froze into the pack ice. The expedition crew was stuck on board for nine months during the polar winter. Quarrel, intrigue and death threats were part of their everyday life - until the ice broke at last.


"Die Filchner-Barriere" was be staged at the place where the ship started its long journey: The port of Bremerhaven. It premiered on June 14th, 2012.


Script and direction: Jens-Erwin Siemssen, dramaturgy: Natalie Driemeyer, music: das quintett

Cast: Andreas Kerbs, Meret Mundwiler, Kika Schmitz, Walter Schmuck, Sebastian Zumpe, Nikolas Knauf

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