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Children of Uummannaq

Von Mel


This morning we met with children from the Uummannaq school and the orphanage. They arrived at the former speck house and were divided into three groups of ten to twelve children. Each group was to learn, play and try out things in connection with our stay here in Uummannaq and the story of the "Lost sons". Despite obvious language barriers we were able to creates grounds of interaction through, for instance, a German song from the play, physical warm-up games, the barrel, and our original costumes.

A smaller group of boys joined Frank and Niko in picking up the barrel which was sent ahead to Uummannaq via freight ship and which had been stored in the harbour since its arrival. In the meantime, Wiebke and Vivi taught a group of girls how to sing a German song. Later a few of the boys and girls put on Theda's, Antje's, Eim's and Gerd's costumes. Patrick taught his group games which required them to listen to and watch one another closely. After tasting German Wiener sausages (which were not liked by all) the groups performed in front of eachother.

It was a successful morning on this rainy day in Uummannaq. The children involved were curious and it was a largely comfortable interaction between two quite different worlds. The children seem to be strong-willed and gentle at the same time. Some of them are highly energetic, others are timid and shy. It was a pleasure to meet the various personalities and I am hoping we will see some of them amongst our audience on Thursday and Friday.


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